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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on July 25, 2016 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (74)
Just learned of another long time career comedy pal being 'downsized' from his position in a comedy organization.
The positive side is as most comedy 'lifers' he's not just going away, he's hitting the ground running by immediately calling in some chips and starting his own circle of comedy related projects that include creating rooms, shows, special events, room management etc.
Here's my point, I'm seeing a lot of comedy circuits, rooms, TV studios, etc etc leaning towards the younger market and so eliminating the over 50 and 60 age bracketed comedic talent.
Can't say that's real astute of the youth craving comedy business. You see all they're doing is creating competition. There's a reason comedy 'lifers' hold that title....they're in it for LIFE. It IS their life and they're not going away. You let them go and they spring to life creating their own circuits and events, their own agencies and appeal to a very very large boomer and area aged market.
I mean no ill will to the younger talents. I support them more than most older comics and they know that. That is the way things go.... an appeal to and service towards a growing younger market is the way it is. I for one am way good with this and anybody that is familiar with me knows I assist younger talents constantly. In this art/business the dropping of or deliberate not hiring of senior talent s less than insightful is what I'm saying. This is NOT a competition, it's a sharing of younger AND older markets that very often live side by side in the very same cities. And it's happening now. Catch the FOF train.... (Funny Over Fifty)

Some comedy clubs, agencies and studios seem blind to this, too bad for them. It's coming, actually it's here, so there's no stopping it.
Age, whether young or old, WILL be served as long as there is a proper market. That's why they call it show BUSINESS. Fortunately for comedy it's shared and split nicely right now and for the coming years. Take heart senior comics, agents and managers.... this is the new comedy aftershock boom going on. It's happening. Join us!