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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on October 7, 2015 at 9:41 PM Comments comments (12)
It seems to me that the comedy business use to be like one big happy family. Then the apocalypse hit, as a consequence many died and it fragmented. Now we're not such a family, we're more like the 'Walking Dead', we're all fighting our own battles and grouped off into camps as we struggle to apply our art and business sense to the ends of the Earth.

The result is a comic or two you may come across might seem like they're related to what you do in your comedy world...alas it's likely he/she isn't.

Sometimes your similar yet separate worlds unite and one or both of you may get some mutual benefit, count that as a blessing and move on.

Don't linger. Comedy success is about not being a lingerer, by choice or accident.

I have grown to know that one must have the will and obsession to master quickly and maintain forward motion, that's important. Don't get stuck in a comfort zone.

To be sure, if you're comfortable you may not be doing yourself justice.

In comedy it's all about being uncomfortable, ill confident or down right nervous and doing it anyway, not only doing it but going out and having a blast with it. Push and challenge yourself, get over your head, feel that creative rush of thrashing forward towards the unknown. It's just comedy, how bad could it get??

Explore that area where you take answers you thought you had and use them as a starting point for more questions. Hopefully it hurts a little.

If it does congrats, that's probably growing pains and you're doing some really good thinking, writing and creating.

There are few times in your life you are called upon to be courageous, this is one; your art, your reason for being.

That's the point isn't it funny person?