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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on September 7, 2015 at 1:29 PM Comments comments (207)

Funny how you can back into being a celeb of sorts. This is a big thanks to social media! There was a time that you'd have to have 3 or 4 national talk show appearances under your belt or your own half hour or hour comedy special to gain the notoriety that Youtube, websites, Twitter and Facebook can hand you in these ultra forward motion times.

It appears that is what is happening to me currently and I can't say I have a problem with it. But recently it's come as a huge rush of awareness on my part that's for certain. It's getting to be commonplace to have audiences a 1000+ miles away from home already familiar with my work through comedy sites I write for or have seen me online in vids and recognizing me as I enter the venues already asking me to sign things BEFORE the show....on and on.

At first it went unnoticed until one day I realized I was surrounded by people that were beyond your 'basic' comedy audience after a show. I was with people that had read up about me and knew some of my jokes that I didn't even do at my show. I was surrounded by fans of the ol' hippie.

This continues and now regularly the expression is, “I Googled you man! You're funny! I saw your Youtube series on stand up comedy" or "I've seen your vids of stand up: or "I read your jokes every day on two different national websites" or "I've been to your website and read it constantly!!!” etc etc Loving it...etc!!!

I'm slow sometimes but a light has gone on that it's a virtual web of attraction I've unwittingly set up I suppose. To me I was just tossing little things out there as allowed by this new online phenom, not knowing it was working as a great promotional tool and turning me into a at least for now a lower case comedic online phenom...and growing. The key word is growing....rapidly!

Again... can't say it's a bad thing yet! Haha!

I'm not saying it isn't work and everybody can do it but for me it fit my schedule and how I like to do things. I'm geared to write daily and I love the self publishing aspect of Twitter, Facebook and websites. What comedy writer funny man wouldn't??!! If I didn't have these areas to write for I'd be doing it anyway and sticking it away in notebooks for eternity, maybe to never be read or enjoyed. Trust me I've done plenty of that. I STILL have notebooks dating back 30 years filled with my twisted funny thoughts and weirdness. 

But enough about me. 

Perhaps the lesson here is for YOU to take a serious look at how your image is online? Ask yourself if you're doing enough. Perhaps you should look at placement of the correct vids and writings that could help sell your stuff?? I'm just sayin' kids, even at my age and experience it's rejuvenating my exposure in a national way...

...hell, international! I now have dedicated fans in Europe thanks to my website!

Get it working for you too!

And don't forget to friend me on

Twitter @ChiliChallis1 and Facebook of course! @DamnFunnyTour

Checkout and like my jokes on and

...both have been featured on Fox, MSNBC, CNN. Etc.

Currently working up a pilot comedy show for XM Sirius Radio. And developing a reality TV show in good ol' CA.

Still performing as well. I'll never stop. I'm a 1,000% comic, I have no fall back plan. ;)