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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on October 22, 2014 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (3)

Having trouble remembering your bits? Here's a couple thoughts on how you can help yourself.

  1. Think of your act as a story. You're telling a group of strangers about yourself and so all you need to know is where in your life you want to begin telling them and what about. If your act makes sense to you and is personal you will begin to remember details. Those details are your jokes or funny thoughts about what it is you're speaking about.

    2. Perhaps you want to begin with when you were young. Childhood stories or history. Then move to your teen years and HS and, marriage etc etc. Along the way you might want to tell them about your job or jobs you've held. Oh btw you could mention cars you've driven and perhaps elaborate on your family and holidays etc etc. It's all about you and your life but in quick joke form.

        3. Key words will activate a lot of memory. Picking the correct key word is KEY to remembering...see what I did there??

          4. Don't put pressure on yourself to remember everything. If you get out 1 or 2 jokes about a topic consider it a victory. A for real key to good memory is staying relaxed allowing your mind to flow.