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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on December 4, 2013 at 5:11 PM Comments comments (3)
As much as I love a good joke. I'm also a lover of physical comedy. Let's face it, falling down can be funny. I bet we all have stories of at least one time we or somebody we know fell down.

It's such a helpless feeling to all of sudden realize 'OMG' I'm going to hit the ground or floor or down the steps...or even up the steps. Ever fallen up the stairs?! Damn you feel so out of control and ultra clumsy.

Fortunately for most of us the act of falling is over in a moment yet sometimes a memory for a life time. Falling down has the capability of stealing a little dignity, causing pain and so is often filed in that special little portion of our brain that loves to recall our mishaps. It's like every human being has a short bloopers reel in our memory. What's yours?
There's funny there I bet.

Ever fallen on ice? That's the extra stupid one. YOU know it's ice and yet here we go trying to be the only human that can stride across it like it's hot dry beach sand. Not! Ice you don't see can further cause destruction of your well being. You're up...bam! You're down!

Tripping over something cracks me up. You get the full embarrassment of a fall with just a stumble. It's that lost of control that is funny I guess. You don't see a lot of stumbling in the animal kingdom do you? I've never seen a tiger walking and all of sudden trip over a tree root.
Stumbling, bumbling, tripping, falling off balance for little to no reason... or a foolish reason seems to be distinctively human.

Comedy is all about our stumbles and bumbles and I believe it's worthwhile for every comic to think about their own.

Want some funny images to write about it? Run through the personal bloopers reel in your head. Look over your blunders, tumbles, bobbles, botches, flubs, and bungles. There's some personal funny in all of it I'm sure. Bring it to life with your words and performance.

Our failings, mistakes etc often equal to funny stories, jokes and gossip! All great for stand up comedy, I guess that's the point of this comedy rant. ;)