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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on September 7, 2013 at 5:43 PM Comments comments (5)
I got to watch more than a few new comics the other night. The problem I saw repeated with most of them was simply they didn't have any single ideas to their stories and thoughts. Across the board most needed to load up on more singular funny ideas.

Everything sounded as if it ran on into the next and on into the next and so on ...and into the next....;) There has to be highs and deliberate lows in your speech, starts, restarts and stops.... as well as energy to your tone.

I know there's a saying that stand up comedy should be 'conversation not persuasion', but for gosh sakes at least give me a tone that sounds like you mean what you say. There's such a thing as drab conversation. Give me some expression of some kind of pain, confusion, anger, disdain, or whatever. Keep it short, keep it compelling, keep it funny, that's the current that pushes a successful standup comedy monologue along.

In standup you pretty much have to have some type of funny expression, thought, twist to flat out punch line for every idea, situation, person, and of course topic you bring up. There has to be a definite beginning and end!

Why is that important? If you have endings you will give the audience time to think and laugh. If you don't they will withhold laughter and become just a listening type crowd as if they're watching TV. (its' a form of hypnosis. They tune you out and tune in their inner voices. Half listening so to speak). You cannot allow them to do that.
Even if you're talking about the same topic you must have defined jokes with beginnings and endings about that topic within the context of discussing or ranting about it.

That's why it's called a punch line. It has a beginning, a target and a distinct end! Use it often! The more the merrier. Punches in bunches! That's how you win a fight, that's how you win a show!

Stand up is much like punching a speed bag to improve your liner-one liner- best routine! .. liner-one liner-best routine!!
Eye of the tiger kids!!! ;)