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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on August 29, 2013 at 11:58 AM Comments comments (2)
Doesn't it seem that comedy is basically what is stupid? 

Something has to appear stupid to make us laugh, humans love to laugh at's a fact. 

Even the angry, edgy 'keeping it real' comics are simply angry about how stupid certain things in life appear.

Politics and politicians act stupid, laws are often stupid, having no laws where there should be laws no doubt stupid.

Celebrities go off all the time and do stupid things. ..(cough) (Miley Cyrus) 
Let's face it, there's a ton of stupid in pop culture everyday!

My old boss and bud Jay Leno LOVES stupid criminal videos and stories. He laughs like a child at such things. 

So we love to laugh at stupid. Soooo what is stupid? Why does it make us laugh? 

I think its because we have a natural tendency to react when something is out of our norm....and for expediency sake we call that event 'stupid'. If something bends  but doesn't breakdown completely we tend to look at the happening with amusement. Especially if somehow we learn from it or there's a 'lesson'. Maybe it was something stupid we could all see coming? or Maybe we could NEVER have seen such stupidity coming? or Maybe something stupid happened that we saw coming and then something even stupider happened?? ;) All funny to us....and Leno. And don't think for a second Ellen DeGeneres doesn't like to laugh at stupid, actually she likes to portray the stupid one in her humor whether on or off stage. 

So to test your jokes perhaps you should look them over and ask yourself if anything stupid happens? Is the really stupid thing at the very end with a little exclamation?? Is there potential for even more stupid things to happen with the joke? (tags)
 If so maybe you have something that will make people laugh. 

Because one thing for sure, its been established, humans love to laugh at stupid. Now go write something stupid and put your other jokes to this stupid test. 
....stupid is what stupid does right? Nobody does stupid better than stand-up comedians! I think we have be pretty darn smart to put stupid to use like we do! ~