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     Chili Challis

           Lifetime comedian, comedy writer and coach

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Posted on July 25, 2013 at 11:21 AM Comments comments (98)
~Be well aware of your world.

~Become aware of other worlds through study and sensitivity.

~Open up


~Think and more importantly RE-think

~Feel and ask 'What if?'

~Reason without prejudice

~Be fair and fully realize unfairness exists....for there is a world of comedy in unfairness

'You're the only person in the room that has a spotlight on them. How cool is that? C'mon that is totally cool, actually it's awesome! I've done it for over 30 yrs and I know how it feels!! The hardest part is to keep proving you deserve it'.


Posted on May 31, 2013 at 12:56 PM Comments comments (15)
Want to get started in professional comedy writing!? No problem, be willing to start small. Simple as that. There's nothing wrong with having a TV or potentially multi-million$$$ motion picture script you're working on (as a matter of fact in a very true sense, I advise you always have a finished spec script) but in reality you should be willing to look around your personal market and find little niches and ins to help you begin writing for fun and profit!

When I was bitten by the comedy writing bug many decades ago I quickly became aware that part of the fun of writing comedy is to have SOMEBODY you're writing for. And trust me there's no better motivation than a deadline!! Local markets can often offer multiple opportunities to write for a buck or two.

Local radio personalities, local writing groups, local comedians who buy material, or even humorous columns for a little newspaper or advertising co. can offer $$ for funny.  And with all this ruckus of this new fangled online world your boundaries are limitless with opportunities of writing comedy for a website or online company right from home!!

EVERYBODY can be reached by email these days. You'd be surprised how quickly you can build a FREELANCE CLIENT LIST with a weekend of sitting down with your favorite go to social media appliance and sending out emails with offers to write something funny and eye catching for somebody.

Early on I discovered that many cartoonists bought ideas for their comic strips. My guess is you can find a bunch online.

Also don't be afraid to go big. If you think you could write monologue jokes for late night TV by all means bug the show about a freelance opportunity. That's correct, call the show and ask for a producer or PA on the show that can help you get some info. Up until just a couple of years ago my old boss Jay Leno and the Tonight Show bought freelance jokes. 'Saturday Night Live' has had freelance material on the show.  I've heard that others STILL do.

The most important thing is to write and study the art to comedy writing. Every form from radio, films, TV, cartoonists, and live standup comedy has subtle differences and you must grasp those to become an effective pro comedy writer.

You first step is simply to begin.

And if you hit a snag or two, well that's just show biz and always remember, part of the secret to success in anything is persistence!!!

Break a leg and keep me in the loop in your writing ventures ok?!